Minsk gives ultimatum to Russian aviation authorities

The Aviation Department of the Belarusian transport ministry has demanded that Russian carriers reduce the number of daily passenger flights from Moscow to Minsk...

Deputy prime minister hands ultimatum to Gazprom

Uladzimir Syamashka, Belarus' first deputy prime minister, warned on Thursday that the flow of gas through the country's territory to customers westward would be reduced if Russia's Gazprom failed to fully pay off its debt, which is estimated by Minsk at $260 million,

Gazprom: Gas flow to Belarus may be cut by 85 percent

\"Considering the price of gas that has already been supplied in June and the amount of the debt, which is $192 million,...

There are no political motives behind Russia\'s gas debt ultimatum, foreign ministry\'s spokesman says

There are no political motives behind Russia`s demand that Belarus should settle its $200-million gas debt by June 21, Andrey Savinykh, spokesman for the Belarusian foreign ministry, told reporters in Minsk on June 17, as quoted by