United Civic Party blames Russia for Ukraine crisis

The United Civic Party (UCP) on Monday accused Russia of providing support to separatists fighting government forces in southeastern Ukraine.

Lyabedzka released from jail after serving out 15-day sentence

As the opposition politician walked out of the detention center on Akrestsina Street in Minsk...

Brest authorities ban demonstrations in commemoration of Yury Zakharanka

  Activists of the United Civic Party (UCP) in Brest have been banned from staging 12 small demonstrations in the city on May 7 to mark the 14th anniversary of the disappearance of former Interior Minister Yury Zakharanka.

Current parliamentary elections are worst in history, Lyabedzka says

The ongoing parliamentary election campaign is the worst one in the history of Belarus, Anatol Lyabedzka, chairman of the United Civic Party, told

Anatol Lyabedzka reelected leader of Untied Civic Party

  Anatol Lyabedzka was reelected chairperson of the United Civic Party (UCP) in a secret ballot at the party’s convention held in Minsk on Saturday.

United Civic Party to launch “campaign for fair elections”

  Participants at the opposition United Civic Party (UCP)’s convention held in Minsk on Saturday decided that the party should launch a “campaign for fair elections.”

Lyabedzka denies signing any papers in exchange for release

The 49-year-old leader of the United Civic Party (UCP) was released from the jail on his own recognizance late on April 6...

Ramanchuk set to continue political activities

  Former presidential candidate Yaraslaw Ramanchuk said in an interview with BelaPAN on Thursday that he had no intention to quit politics.

United Civic Party announces plans to put forward presidential candidate

The United Civic Party (UCP) has announced that it will put forward its candidate in next year’s presidential election.

United Civic Party to suggest another Congress of Pro-democratic Forces

The United Civic Party plans to propose holding another Congress of Pro-democratic Forces, Anatol Lyabedzka, chairman of the party, told BelaPAN.