Lukashenka denies referendum plans

Alyaksandr Lukashenka insisted on Tuesday that he had no plans so far to call a referendum on changes to the constitution.

Ten questions shortlisted for People’s Referendum campaign

The organizers of the People`s Referendum campaign have drawn up a list of 10 questions that may be posed to voters within the framework of the campaign...

Car import duty question is inappropriate for referendum, central election commission says

A senior member of the central election commission made clear on Thursday that a group planning to initiate a referendum on a feared increase in the rates of the import duty on cars would not be registered no matter how it formulated its proposed question,

Group initiating referendum on car import duty applies for registration

BPF leader Alyaksey Yanukevich said that the group would manage to gather more than a million signatures in support of the referendum.

Belarusian Popular Front sets up group for initiating referendum on car import duty

The group held its first meeting in Minsk on February 28. Around 100 people took part in it.

Civil society activists in Hrodna apply to city government for registration of group that would initiate referendum on downtown redevelopment project

Civil society activists in Hrodna on August 15 filed an application with the City Executive Committee for the registration of a group that would initiate a local referendum...