More than 100 people in Minsk stage protest against military exercise

Former presidential candidates Mikalay Statkevich and Uladzimir Nyaklyayew led a crowd of more than a hundred people who demonstrated in central Minsk on Friday to express protest against Belarus` coming military exercise with Russia.

Sole entrepreneurs threaten to go on strike to protest new certification rules

Small business owners with sole entrepreneur status may start a nationwide strike on July 1 if their new certification rules for light industry goods are introduced within the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia...

Activists in Vienna stage protest against Yarmoshyna`s presence at OSCE meeting

  Activists handed out Thursday leaflets in front of the OSCE office in Vienna to protest the presence of Belarus` top election official at a conference held inside the building.

Housing construction row escalating in Minsk

  A housing construction dispute pitting residents of a large neighborhood just outside the Minsk Beltway against the local authorities appears to be escalating.

Opposition rally in Minsk issues demands to government

The rally, which was attended by a crowd estimated by reporters at 500 to 700, took place in remote People\'s Friendship Park in Bangalore Square...

Thirty-two people ordered to pay compensation to customs, police over June`s border protest

A district judge on Hrodna on August 5 ordered 32 people involved in June`s spontaneous protest at the Bruzhi checkpoint at the Polish border to pay 4,277,334 rubels in damages to the city police department and 52,443 rubels to the Hrodna Regional Customhouse.

Scores of motorists protest new rise in motor fuel prices

Seeking to abort the event, the police closed sections of the city`s thoroughfare, Independence Avenue, to traffic, which led to massive jams at some intersections...

Young woman arrested in Minsk for attempt to stage anti-Lukashenka demonstration

  A young woman was arrested in Minsk on Tuesday after she attempted to stage an anti-Lukashenka protest in front of the building of the Minsk City Executive Committee.

At least 193 people convicted in Belarus over Wednesday’s “silent” protests

  At least 193 people in Belarus, including 92 in Minsk, had been convicted as of 3 p.m., Friday over Wednesday’s “silent” protests, with an overwhelming majority of them being sentenced to jail terms, human rights defenders reported.

Government-organized music show used to close off Kastrychnitskaya Square to \"silent\" protest

  A government-organized concert featuring lip-synching pop singers was taking place in Kastrychnitskaya Square at 7 p.m. on June 28, the time when a weekly "silent" protest was to begin at the venue.

In pictures: “Silent” anti-government protest staged in Minsk

  Hundreds of people participated in a so-called silent protest that took place at the center of Minsk on Wednesday evening in the framework of an anti-government campaign called “Revolution through Social Networks.”

People arrested Wednesday evening in Minsk sentenced to fines, jail terms

More than 160 people were arrested in Minsk and a total of about 100 during similar protests in other cities...

Hundreds attend «silent» protest in Minsk

Hundreds of people took part in a weekly \"silent\" anti-government protest in central Minsk on June 29...

Thousands attend weekly anti-government protest in Minsk

A few thousand people defied the authorities\' strict warnings, taking part in a \"silent\" protest in central Minsk on Wednesday evening...

Convicted post-election protester Likhavid set to go on hunger strike

Convicted post-election protester Mikita Likhavid plans to go on hunger strike in protest against his three-and-a-half-year prison sentence...

Youths wearing costumes of fairytale characters march in Minsk to protest Article 193-1

A dozen young people wearing costumes of fairytale characters on Wednesday marched to the building of the foreign ministry in Minsk where they staged a performance to highlight their concern about the Criminal Code’s Article 193-1 that penalizes acting on behalf of an unre

Police arrest Belarusian Christian Democracy leaders to prevent them from attending protest against Minsk government’s plans for former Catholic monastery complex

Police arrested presidential nominee Vital Rymashewski and another leader of Belarusian Christian Democracy (BCD), Paval Sevyarynets, in Minsk on Tuesday evening to prevent them from attending a demonstration against the city government’s plans to convert a former Catholic

Man in Brest turns to his fence to voice criticism of authorities

A man in Brest has chosen an unusual way to voice criticism of the country’s current government by making his house a local attraction, BelaPAN reports.

Opponents of controversial Internet edict to stage protest in Mahilyow

Opponents of a presidential edict, which opposition groups and independent experts fear aims to tighten the government’s control over the Internet, have announced plans to stage a demonstration in Mahilyow on July 24, Bel

Scooter, motorbike drivers protest import duty hike

A dozen scooter and motorbike drivers rode in a procession along Minsk's main streets on July 16 to protest a sharp rise in import duties on such vehicles, BelaPAN reports.