Teen daughter of Babruysk opposition activist abducted, left unconscious in forest, father suspects act of intimidation from authorities

The 16-year-old daughter of an opposition activist resident in Babruysk, Mahilyow region, was abducted by unknown men on Saturday morning and left unconscious in a forest...

Three reporters, opposition activist released after hours-long detention by police

  Three reporters and an opposition activist were released after an hours-long detention by police in Minsk on Friday.

Four opposition activists, three reporters arrested in Minsk

  Four opposition activists and three reporters, including a BelaPAN film crew, were arrested by police in Minsk on July 26.

District judge lifts restrictions on Iryna Khalip’s freedom

Ms. Khalip was granted complete freedom at the request of the probation department of the Partyzanski district police station in connection with the expiration of the suspension of her two-year prison term. She could have been sent to a correctional insti

Opposition activist in Mahilyow briefly detained by police for demonstrating against Russia’s airbase plans

  Opposition activist Mikalay Hladyshaw was briefly detained by police in Mahilyow for staging a one-man demonstration against the establishment of a Russian airbase in Belarus.

Mikalay Statkevich meets with his wife in prison in Mahilyow

Imprisoned former presidential candidate Mikalay Statkevich talked to his wife Maryna Adamovich through a glass partition for two hours on Tuesday...

Dashkevich may be granted early release

Mrs. Dashkevich said that her husband was scheduled to be released on August 28 upon completion of his prison term...

United Civic Party’s youth wing denied registration

  The justice ministry has denied state registration to the United Civic Party (UCP)’s youth wing called Maladyya Demakraty (Young Democrats).

Haydukow’s mother allowed to testify in his trial

  The mother of Andrey Haydukow, a young opposition activist charged with high treason, will be questioned as a witness in his trial in the Vitsyebsk Regional Court.

Anatol Lyabedzka meets with Andrey Sannikaw in Vilnius

  Anatol Lyabedzka, chairman of the opposition United Civic Party (UCP), met Monday in Vilnius with Andrey Sannikaw, a former presidential candidate who leads an organization called European Belarus.

Member of United Civic Party skeptical about chairman’s proposal to hold presidential primaries

Although the proposal to hold primaries may be attractive at first sight, it has several fatal flaws, Mr. Balykin commented...

Young opposition activist Pavel Vinahradaw spends for 12 and half hours at police station

  Prominent young opposition activist Pavel Vinahradaw spent 12 and a half hours at a police station in Minsk on May 31.

High treason case against Andrey Haydukow to be heard in Vitsyebsk Regional Court

KGB spokesman Alyaksandr Antanovich announced on November 13 that Mr. Haydukow had \"gathered and passed political and economic information on the instructions of a foreign intelligence agency...\"

Three opposition organizations set to hold “people’s referendum”

The “Tell the Truth!” movement, the Movement for Freedom and the Belarusian Popular Front have announced an intention to hold a “people’s referendum.” The “Tell the Truth!” movement, the Movement for Freedom and the Belarusian Popular Front have announce

Opposition activist Vasil Parfyankow fined again for coming home too late

A district judge in Minsk on Friday sentenced prominent opposition activist Vasil Parfyankow to a fine of three million rubels ($346)...

Opposition activist in Hrodna fined over flyers

  A district judge in Hrodna on Tuesday imposed a fine of two million rubels ($231) on Syarhey Verameyenka, over flyers that advertised the "Wave of Solidarity" campaign in support of the political prisoners.

Opposition demonstration in Brest draws some 200 people

  Some 200 people attended a sanctioned May Day demonstration held by the Hramada Belarusian Social Democratic Party (BSDP) in Brest on Wednesday.

Brest Regional Court overturns opposition activist’s conviction on charge of organizing illegal migration

  A panel of the Brest Regional Court on April 30 overturned the conviction of opposition activist Vital Kowsh, who had been sentenced to four years in prison on a charge of organizing illegal migration.