Kozulin distrustful of prison's medical personnel

Imprisoned opposition politician Aleksandr Kozulin has refused to be transferred to a prison medical unit because...

Kozulin calls on opposition to come up with common strategy toward Russia

  Former presidential candidate Aleksandr Kozulin has urged Belarusian opposition forces to come up with a common strategy on relations with Russia.

Prison doctors recommend Kozulin's hospitalization

Doctors at the Vitba 3 correctional institution near Vitebsk insist on Aleksandr Kozulin's hospitalization, the imprisoned politician's laywer, Ig

Moscow blasts United States for raising issue of Kozulin\'s strike at UN Security Council\'s session

  The Russian foreign ministry on Wednesday lashed out at the United States for raising the issue of Aleksandr Kozulin's hunger strike at a closed-door session of the UN Security Council the day before.

US envoy raises Kozulin's hunger strike at UN Security Council's session

A US envoy raised a hunger strike staged by Belarusian opposition politician Aleksandr Kozulin at a closed-door session...

Kozulin said to have started withdrawal from hunger strike

Aleksandr Kozulin started coming out of his hunger strike on December 11, a source at Belarus' Ministry of Internal Affairs told BelaPAN.

Belarus: UN expert calls for health access for jailed opposition leader on hunger strike

An independent United Nations human rights expert today called on the Government of Belarus to assure access to proper health care for a jailed opposition political leader who has been on hunger strike for the past 50 days.

Milinkevich urges G8 leaders to do everything possible to save Kozulin's life

Belarusian opposition leader Aleksandr Milinkevich has sent an open letter to the presidents of France, Russia and the United States and...

Milinkevich nominates Kozulin for prestigious human rights award

Belarusian opposition leader Aleksandr Milinkevich has nominated imprisoned Aleksandr Kozulin for the 2007 Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders, which is presented to individuals or organizations who have displayed exceptional courage in combating human rights vi

Kozulin's health damaged by hunger strike, official says

The head of the Belarusian prison system's medical service revealed that a lengthy hunger strike had taken its toll on Aleksandr Kozulin's health.

Kozulin's daughters to join solidarity hunger strike

  Aleksandr Kozulin's two daughters on Saturday will join a hunger strike staged in solidarity with the former presidential candidate.

Skrebets expresses fear for Kozulin's life and health

  Ex-lawmaker Sergei Skrebets, who was released from prison under an amnesty on November 15, told reporters in Minsk the following day that he was fearing very much for the life and health of hunger striking Aleksandr Kozulin.

Opposition leaders urge Kozulin to end hunger strike

The leaders of key opposition forces have called on the imprisoned leader of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party Aleksandr Kozulin

Five people on hunger strike in solidarity with Kozulin

Five people were hunger-striking in solidarity with imprisoned politician Aleksandr Kozulin on Friday.

Lawyer complains to interior ministry about ban on meetings with imprisoned Kozulin

Igor Rynkevich, lawyer for Aleksandr Kozulin, has complained to the interior ministry's Penal Committee about a ban on his meetings with the imprisoned opposition politician.

Milinkevich, his allies send letter of support to Kozulin's wife

Aleksandr Milinkevich, leader of united opposition forces, and his allies, on October 20 sent a letter of sympathy and support to Aleksandr Kozulin's wife, Irina. "We are with you in defense of Dr.

Kozulin informs prison administration about plans to go on hunger strike

Aleksandr Kozulin, the imprisoned leader of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Hramada," told his spouse that he had informed the administration of a correctional facility where he is held about his plans to go on an open-ended hunger strike on October 20.

Kozulin still set to go on hunger strike

Aleksandr Kozulin, who is serving a prison term in a correctional facility in the village of Vitba, has not dropped his plans to go on hunger strike...

Kozulin meets with lawyer

Dr. Kozulin also complained to the lawyer that prison officers were intercepting some letters from...

Anonymous letter says Kozulin is given poisoned water

The letter says that the substance was developed at a secret KGB laboratory in the Soviet era. It alleges that...

Kozulin refuses to examine court proceeding minutes

Convicted politician Aleksandr Kozulin has refused to examine the minutes of the court proceedings against him...

Convicted Kozulin diagnosed with osteochondritis, myopia

  Aleksandr Kozulin has been diagnosed with osteochondritis and myopia, his wife, Irina Kozulin, told BelaPAN.

Kozulin transferred back to Minsk jail after eye checkup

  Convicted opposition politician Aleksandr Kozulin on Thursday was transferred from the national prison hospital back to the detention center on Volodarskogo Street in central Minsk.

Kozulin sentenced to 5 1/2 years in prison

Aleksei Rybakov, a judge of the Moskovsky District Court, on Thursday sentenced former presidential candidate Aleksandr Kozulin to...