Construction of Gazprom Center in Minsk formally suspended

The construction of a Gazprom office complex in Minsk was formally suspended on December 22, 2016, Mikalay Butrym, deputy head of the construction department at the Minsk City Executive Committee, told BelaPAN.

Gazprom says that Belarus owes it over $200 million

Belarus' debt with Gazprom has already surpassed $200 million, Aleksandr Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Russian gas giant, said in Moscow on May 31.

Gazprom rejects Belarus’ request for gas price cut

Gazprom finds it “inexpedient” to reduce the price of natural gas supplied to Belarus, Valery Golubev, deputy chairman of the Russian state-owned gas giant, said on April 9.

Lukashenka says that relations with Gazprom are trouble-free for first time in many years

  Alyaksandr Lukashenka said on Friday that he had no grievances against Russian natural gas giant Gazprom "for the first time in many years."

Russia\'s gas giant Gazprom to invest in construction of nitrogen fertilizer facility at Hrodna Azot

The Belarusian State Petrochemical Industry Concern (Belnaftakhim) and Russia’s OOO Gazprom Investproyekt have agreed to cooperate on matters relating to Gazprom's investment in the construction of a nitrogen fertilizer facility at AAT Hrodna Azot (chemical company in Hrod

Gazprom set to pump more gas via Belarus


Gazprom plans to increase volume of natural gas pumped via Belarus to 60 billion cubic meters in 2013

In accordance with the draft agenda, Gazprom will pay up to $570 million to Beltransaz for the transportation of 60 billion cubic meters of gas in 2013...

Lukashenka, Gazprom CEO discuss new gas supply contract

  Gazprom CEO Aleksei Miller and Alyaksandr Lukashenka, at their meeting in Minsk on September 23, “discussed in detail major issues connected with the signing of a new [gas supply] contract,” said the press office of the Russian gas giant.

Gazprom CEO to return to Minsk for meeting with Lukashenka

  Aleksei Miller, chief executive of Russia’s government-controlled natural gas monopolist Gazprom, is expected to return to Minsk on Friday for a meeting with Alyaksandr Lukashenka, according to Interfax.

Gazprom opposes negotiating Beltranshaz deal and gas supply contract as one package

Gazprom does not consider it necessary to make the signing of a new contract for the supply of natural gas to Belarus dependent on negotiations on the sale of a 50-percent...

Belarus said to have bought Russian natural gas at $223 per 1000 cubic meters in Q1

  Belarus currently buys Russian natural gas at a price of $223 per 1000 cubic meters, Uladzimir Mayoraw, director general of Belarus’ gas supply company Beltranshaz, told reporters in Minsk on Friday.

Gazprom will not lower price for Belarus in 2011, spokesman says

  Gazprom’s spokesman said on Wednesday that the Russian natural gas giant was set to raise its gas price for Belarus in 2011 as agreed earlier.

Russian ambassador: No strategic disputes expected over natural gas price

Apart from the long-term contract signed between Russian natural gas monopoly Gazprom and Belarusian oil transportation company Beltranshaz a few years ago...

Gazprom set to raise gas price for Belarus to market level in 2011

Gazprom plans to raise prices for Armenia, Belarus and Moldova to the market level in 2011, the RBK news agency reported with reference to Andrei Kruglov, deputy chairman of the Russian gas giant's board, on Friday, as quoted by

Gazprom, Beltranshaz sign agreement raising gas transit fee

Gazprom earlier paid at a rate of $1.45 although an agreement stipulated the possibility of increasing the gas transit fee to $1.74 in 2009 and to $1.88 in 2010.

Agreement in principle has been reached on addendum to contract between Belarus and Gazprom

Gazprom has reached an agreement in principle on an addendum to the 2010 contract with Belarus, said Sergei Kupriyanov, spokesman for the Russian natural gas giant, BelaPAN reports.

Putin, Gazprom CEO discuss gas row with Belarus

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin met with Gazprom CEO Aleksei Miller on June 24 to discuss the Russian gas monopoly's latest dispute with Belarus, BelaPAN reports.

Lukashenka denies economic reasons behind gas row with Russia

The Belarusian leader reportedly accused Russian media outlets of providing \"one-sided and biased coverage\" of the gas dispute and never mentioning...

Deputy prime minister hands ultimatum to Gazprom

Uladzimir Syamashka, Belarus' first deputy prime minister, warned on Thursday that the flow of gas through the country's territory to customers westward would be reduced if Russia's Gazprom failed to fully pay off its debt, which is estimated by Minsk at $260 million,