Some 300 demonstrate in downtown Minsk in support of stallholders

About 300 people staged an unsanctioned demonstration in downtown Minsk on Monday afternoon to demand the abolition of tough new rules for non-food stallholders at markets and shopping centers.

Brest government bans demonstration in support of political prisoners

The Brest City Executive Committee has rejected an application for permission to demonstrate to demand the release of the political prisoners in Belarus. The demonstration was to be staged in Internationalist Soldiers Park on August 10.

Baranavichy government bans demonstration in support of political prisoners

The Baranavichy City Executive Committee has banned human rights defender Syarhey Howsha from demonstrating on August 4 to demand freedom for the seven citizens of Belarus widely viewed as political prisoners.

Lyabedzka charged with unsanctioned demonstration

Prominent opposition politician Anatol Lyabedzka was arrested by police in Minsk on Sunday morning and released some six hours later after being charged with violating...

Opposition activist in Hrodna set to complain about ban on demonstration for fair elections

Aleh Kalinkow, an opposition activist in Hrodna, is expected to file a suit over the city government's decision to ban a one-man demonstration for fair elections.

Some 40 people arrested after Chernobyl anniversary demonstration

  Some 40 people were arrested by police after a traditional march and rally held by opposition forces in Minsk on April 26 to mark the 26th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear accident, said a human rights group called Vyasna.

Soft toys \"demonstrate\" in downtown Minsk

  Young activists of the “Tell the Truth!” movement on Friday staged a protest that saw toys playing the role of demonstrators in front of the Minsk City Executive Committee’s building at the city center.

Thousands of people gather in downtown Minsk for anti-Lukashenka demonstration

One of the opposition presidential candidates, Mikalay Statkevich, told the crowd that independent exit polls had found that Mr. Lukashenka gained only 30.5 percent of the vote...

Wednesday’s demonstration against Minsk government’s plans for former Catholic monastery complex passes off without incident

Wednesday’s demonstration against the Minsk government’s plans to convert a former Catholic monastery complex into a hotel passed off without an incident, BelaPAN reports.

Opposition forces set to stage demonstration against Lukashenka`s reelection bid

Opposition forces plan to stage a demonstration in Minsk on November 24 to protest Alyaksandr Lukashenka`s reelection bid, BelaPAN reports.

Opposition activists demonstrate against plans to convert former monastery complex into hotel

More than 50 opposition activists staged a demonstration near a former Bernardine monastery complex in downtown Minsk on Thursday evening against the city government’s plans to convert a former Bernardine monastery complex into a hotel,

Eight activists detained briefly over opposition demonstration in Minsk

Eight opposition activists were apprehended by police during an unauthorized demonstration in Minsk on August 16, but all of them were released without charges hours later, Alyaksandr Atroshchankaw, spokesman for the European Belarus group, told

Organizer blames poor turnout at Monday’s demonstration on \"poor moral state\"

The small number of participants at demonstrations in commemoration of the 1999-2000 high-profile disappearances is a result of the poor moral state of the nation, poet Uladzimir Nyaklyayew, leader of the "Tell the Truth!" campaign, told

Opposition activists demonstrate in Minsk

Some 200 people took part in a demonstration that opposition groups staged in downtown Minsk on Monday evening to demand an international investigation into the disappearances of four opponents of Alyaksandr Lukashenka, Be

Opposition activists demonstrate in Minsk

The demonstration lasted for about 40 minutes. After participants rolled up their images and signs and were about to leave the scene, plainclothesmen grabbed...

Opposition activists arrested in Minsk on July 27 sentenced to fines

The four opposition activists who were arrested in Minsk on July 27 were sentenced to fines in their trials on Thursday, BelaPAN reports.

Police break up opposition march commemorating anniversary of state sovereignty declaration

Some 30 people gathered in downtown Yakub Kolas Square on Tuesday evening with a view to laying flowers at the monument to Belarusian literary great Yakub Kolas...

All foreign diplomats in Minsk will observe August 16 opposition march, organizer says

All foreign diplomats in Minsk will observe the march that opposition forces plan to stage in the Belarusian capital city on August 16, Viktor Ivashkevich, an organizer, said at Saturday’s meeting of members of the Council of the Belarusian Popular Front, as quoted by

Six people arrested in police crackdown on demonstration against controversial Internet edict

Six Belarusian followers of Russia’s National Bolshevik Party (Nazbol) were arrested in a police crackdown on an unsanctioned demonstration staged in Minsk on Wednesday evening against Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s Internet edict,

Youths stage anti-addiction demonstration in Minsk

Around 30 young people staged a demonstration in Minsk on Thursday to express their worry about widespread alcohol and drug abuse in the country, BelaPAN reports.

Young people demonstrate in Minsk to raise awareness of alcohol and drug abuse

Around 30 young people staged a demonstration in Minsk on Thursday to express their worry about alcohol and drug abuse in the country. The youths lined up along a road running to Bangalore Square with health warning signs.

Opposition activists demonstrate in Minsk to demand education minister\'s resignation

About 10 opposition activists, including presidential hopeful Ales Mikhalevich, staged a demonstration near the education ministry's building in Minsk on May 31 to call for the resignation of Minister Alyaksandr Radzkow.