Customs Union

Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia have \"enough resources\" to establish full-fledged Customs Union, says foreign ministry spokesman

Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia have "enough resources" to establish a “full-fledged Customs Union," Andrey Savinykh, spokesman for the Belarusian foreign ministry, told reporters in Minsk on Thursday, as quoted by BelaPAN

Poland hopes that Customs Union agreements will not worsen access to Belarusian market, says deputy economy minister

Polish businesses hope that Belarus’ Customs Union agreements with Kazakhstan and Russia will not worsen access to the country’s market, Deputy Economy Minsiter Joanna Strzelec-Lobodzinska said at a business forum held in Minsk on Wednesday, as quoted by

Minsk insists that Customs Union agreements should make “no exceptions”

Belarusian experts are working on the documents needed for the establishment by the three states of a single economic space, Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Yewdachenka said.

Import duty rates on cars may remain unchanged until 2012, official says

The rates of Belarus' import duty on automobiles applied to individuals may remain unchanged until 2012, Syarhey Barysyuk, deputy head of the State Customs Committee, said at a meeting in the National Assembly on June 8, as quoted by

House of Representatives passes ratification bills for three Customs Union protocols on indirect taxes

  The House of Representatives in the Belarusian National Assembly on June 4 passed the ratification bills for three Customs Union protocols on indirect taxes.

Belarus set to rejoin customs union with Kazakhstan, Russia by July 1

  Belarus plans to rejoin its customs union with Kazakhstan and Russia and ratify its Customs Code before the union comes into full existence on July 1, Economy Minister Mikalay Snapkow told reporters in Moscow on June 4.

Minsk ready to compromise on Customs Union

“We want only one thing: everything should be decent and any relations on a bilateral, trilateral or multilateral basis should be based on equal rights and respect,” Lukashenka says.

Minsk gives Customs Union warning

Belarus signaled on Saturday its readiness to continue creating a Customs Union with Kazakhstan and Russia but warned that it would only agree to do so if the Kremlin abolished its export duty on crude oil supplied to the country,

Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia waive inner customs controls for imports

Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia have waived inner customs control for imports entering their Customs Union, BelaPAN reports.

Customs Union talks fail

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told reporters that import duty rates on automobiles, the import of goods by individuals and export duties were stumbling blocks.

Belarus set to coordinate its steps to join WTO with those of Kazakhstan, Russia

Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia still plan to coordinate their steps to join the World Trade Organization (WTO), Andrey Savinykh, spokesman for the Belarusian foreign ministry, told reporters in Minsk on May 20, as quoted by

Car import duty question is inappropriate for referendum, central election commission says

A senior member of the central election commission made clear on Thursday that a group planning to initiate a referendum on a feared increase in the rates of the import duty on cars would not be registered no matter how it formulated its proposed question,

Minsk unhappy at appointment of Russian expert as general counsel in export duty case

The justice ministry has criticized the appointment of a Russian professor as the general counsel in Belarus' legal battle against the customs duty applied by Russia to exports of petrochemical products and “petrochemical raw materials” to the country,

Prime ministers of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia to discuss car import duties this week

The prime ministers of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia are expected to discuss import duties on automobiles for individuals within the countries' Customs Union at their talks in St.Petersburg on May 21, BelaPAN re

There are all conditions for Belarus to meet social and economic development targets for five-year period, prime minister says

Alyaksandr Lukashenka received Belarusian Prime Minsiter Syarhey Sidorski who briefed him on preparations for meetings of the heads of government...

At present Belarus does not intend to withdraw from customs union, Lukashenka says

At present Belarus does not intend to withdraw from its customs union with Kazakhstan and Russia, Alyaksandr Lukashenka said in an interview with Reuters on May 4.

Lukashenka slams Moscow for “pragmatism”

Alyaksandr Lukashenka has lashed out at Moscow for its recent policy regarding Belarus, accusing the neighboring country of an intention to “build absolutely pragmatic relations.”

Transport ministries pushing for zero duty on import of Euro-5 trucks into Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia

The transport ministries of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia intend to petition the Commission of the Customs Union to introduce a zero duty on the import into the three countries of trucks equipped with engines that meet the Euro-5 and higher emission standards.

Kyrgyzstan sees its future as member of customs union with Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, says first deputy head of interim government

Kyrgyzstan sees itself as a future member of the customs union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, Almazbek Atambayev, first deputy head of the Kyrgyz interim government, told reporters in Astana on April 19 following a meeting with Kazakhstan's Prime Minister Karim Masimov

Group initiating referendum on car import duty applies for registration

BPF leader Alyaksey Yanukevich said that the group would manage to gather more than a million signatures in support of the referendum.

Belarus\' national airline opposed to plans for import duty on planes within Customs Union

Belarus' national airline Belavia has joined Russia's major carriers and Kazakhstan's Air Astana in a petition urging the leadership of the three countries to delay the introduction of a common import duty on aircraft from other countries.

Russia’s vice premier does not rule out adoption of single currency in Customs Union

Russia’s first deputy prime minister on Friday said that he did not rule out the adoption of a single currency in the Customs Union.

Russian interior minister notes need to gear up for challenges within Customs Union

Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia should develop new approaches to protect their economies in the context of the newly established Customs Union, Russian Interior Minsiter Rashid Nurgaliyev said in Minsk on March 4 as quoted by