Police crackdown nets over 2,000 illegal firearms

More than 2,000 illegal firearms and over 20 kilograms of explosive substances have been seized from or surrendered by their owners since last month’s subway bombing in Minsk that prompted the police to crack down on illegal possession of guns and explosives.

About 40 people arrested in police crackdown on demonstration commemorating high-profile disappearances

About 40 people were arrested in a police crackdown on a demonstration staged in Minsk`s downtown Kastrychnitskaya Square on October 16 in commemoration of high-profile disappearances.

Video: Police crack down on opposition demonstration in Minsk

Police cracked down on a demonstration that opposition activists attempted to stage in Minsk on March 25 to mark 90 years since the establishment of the Belarusian National Republic, beating up and arresting dozens activists.