Cigarette smuggling reached drug trade proportions, State Border Committee says

  The smuggling of cigarettes from Belarus into the European Union has reached the scale of illegal drug trade, the State Border Committee said on May 16.

Passenger traffic across Belarus’ border reported up almost eight percent in 2012

  Passenger traffic through Belarus’ border increased by 7.8 percent in 2012, reported the State Border Committee.

Russian phytosanitary watchdog set to send officers to Belarusian border checkpoints

Russia's veterinary and phytosanitary watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor announced on Friday that it planned to send its officers to Belarus for "joint" control over plants and flowers destined for Russia.

State Border Committee emphasizes increase in attempts to illegally get into EU from Belarus

  The number of foreigners caught crossing illegally into the European Union from Belarus is on an upward trend, reported the press office of the State Border Committee.

Border Committee of Belarus, Russia holds meeting in Hrodna

  The Border Committee of Belarus and Russia held a meeting in Hrodna on April 6 to discuss efforts to develop infrastructure at the countries' external borders and boost border security.

Government lifts restrictions on export of cigarettes bought in stores at border checkpoints

  The Council of Ministers has issued a directive that allows any quantity of cigarettes bought in stores at border checkpoints to be taken out of the country free of customs duty.

Belarus, Ukraine continue consultations about completion of ratification procedure for border treaty

Belarus and Ukraine continue “consultations” about the completion of the years-long ratification procedure for their border treaty, Ukrainian Ambassador Roman Bezsmertnyi told reporters in Minsk on Wednesday, as quoted by

Carton containing 65 cocoons of tropical butterflies found on train at Ukrainian border

A carton containing 65 live cocoons of rare tropical butterflies was found on a passenger train during a routine customs inspection at the Ukrainian border in the Homyel region on August 9.

Lithuania still opposes construction of Belarusian nuclear power plant near its border, MP says

Lithuania still opposes the projected construction of Belarus` nuclear power plant in the Astravets district near the Belarusian border, Rokas Zilinskas, chairman of the Baltic state`s parliamentary nuclear energy commission, said in an interview with

Serbian national arrested at Polish border over fake passport

A Serbian national, 24, was arrested by Belarusian border guards for attempting to travel to Poland on a fake passport on July 25.

Interior ministry to create databank on foreigners arriving in Belarus

Access to the databank will be available to the foreign ministry, the State Border Committee, the Committee for State Security and the presidential...

Belarus, Ukraine to exchange ratification instruments for border treaty

\"We have absolutely no problems,\" Mr. Lukashenka said. \"We’ve reached and agreement on all problems and talk about joint projects...

Border guard chief to meet with Russian, EU counterparts

Ihar Rachkowski, chairman of Belarus' State Border Committee, will attend a "working meeting" with his Russian and European Union counterparts in Barnaul, Russia, between June 4 and 6, BelaPAN re

Almost 5,000 Belarusians turned away at EU borders in 2009

Almost 5,000 Belarusians were turned away at the European Union's borders in 2009, Izabella Cooper, spokeswoman for Frontex, the 27-nation bloc's border security agency, told a group of Belarusian, Moldovan, Russian and Ukrainian reporters in Warsaw on May 10, as quoted by

Traffic across Belarusian-Polish border said to have been restored in full

  Traffic across the Belarusian-Polish border has been restored in full, Alyaksandr Tsishchanka, spokesman for Belarus’ State Border Committee, said on Saturday.

Russian official sounds alarm over lack of controls at Belarusian border

  Russia's border control chief has sounded an alarm over the lack of controls at the Belarusian border, warning that members of terrorist groups and criminals could easily sneak into Russia from Belarus.

Ceremony marking completion of demarcation of Belarus' Baltic border to be held near Braslav on October 3

A ceremony marking the completion of the demarcation of the border between Belarus and its Baltic neighbors, Lithuania and Latvia, is to be held near the village of Karasino, Braslav district, Vitebsk region, on October 3.