Opposition activist Pashkevich facing warning against early electioneering

  Mikhail Pashkevich, a member of the “Tell the Truth!” movement who intends to run in September’s House of Representatives elections in Minsk, is facing a warning against early electioneering.

Opposition activist in Baranavichy facing dismissal from government-owned company

  The administration of Baranavichy Plant of Auto Units has refused to extend an employment contract with opposition activist Ryhor Hryk over what the man believes are his political activities.

Activist of anti-Lukashenka online community sentenced to five days in jail

Dzmitry Shawchenka, activist of an online community called Revolution Through Social Networks resident in Homyel, was sentenced to five days in jail on Friday.

Rights activists announce plans to monitor presidential race

Belarusian rights defenders are set to carry out a campaign entitled, "Human Rights Activists for Free Elections," Aleh Hulak, chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, said at a questions-and-answers session hosted by

Far-right activists in Mahilyow call off march after police ban use of “unregistered” flag

Saturday’s authorized march by far-right activists was cancelled in Mahilyow after police banned the crowd from displaying “unregistered” flags, BelaPAN reports.

Activist of \"Tell the Truth!\" campaign charged with documentary forgery

Mikhail Bashura, an activist of the "Tell the Truth!" campaign, has been charged with document forgery under Article 380 of the Criminal Code. The 35-year-old writer has been held in custody since his arrest on August 6.

Civil society activists in Homyel discuss promotion of Belarusian lanugage

Civil society activists in Homyel held a “roundtable” discussion on July 25 to discuss efforts to promote the Belarusian language, BelaPAN reports.

Hypertensive human rights activist driven from emergency unit straight to jail

  Police in Vitsyebsk on Wednesday escorted human rights activist Pavel Levinaw to jail right from the city hospital’s emergency unit where he had ended up the previous day after developing a hypertensive crisis.

Video: Trial of opposition activist Andrey Kim

The trial of opposition activist Andrey Kim began in Minsk’s Tsentralny District Court on April 1 but was soon postponed indefinitely, as Judge Alena Ilyina agreed with the prosecution that the criminal charges against the young man be merged into one case.

Imprisoned activist Zmitser Dashkevich transferred to prison hospital in Minsk

Imprisoned opposition youth leader Zmitser Dashkevich has been moved from a correctional facility in Shklow, Mahilyow region, to the national prison hospital in Minsk.