Businesses run by Chyzh family

In the last five years the family of Yury Chyzh has turned into a family of businesspeople.

In the last five years the family of Yury Chyzh has turned into a family of businesspeople.

The following text is the result of’s effort to find out what businesses are run by the wife, children and relatives of the jailed founder of the Triple conglomerate.

Yury Chyzh’s wife Svyatlana

Yury Chyzh met his future wife when he was an employee at Minsk Tractor Works after graduating from the electrical engineering department of the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute.

“I married after I got employed at the works,” Chyzh said in an interview with the newspaper Express Novosti. “My wife Svyatlana was a student at the same department. She is three years younger than me.”

Svyatlana and Yury Chyzh at the opening ceremony for EVO Wellness Club

Svyatlana Chyzh engaged in business activities after her children had grown up. “She fulfilled her main duty in life, so to say, her civil duty, by giving birth and bringing up three children,” Yury Chyzh said in an interview with the newspaper Narodnaya Volya. “And then she wanted to prove herself. She is fully devoted to her work.”

Svyatlana Chyzh is the founder and director of EVO Wellness Club, which was opened in Minsk in 2011.

Apart from this, according to data from the Ministry of Justice, Svyatlana Chyzh owns 3.18 percent of Elite Estate, a construction company that currently builds a multifunctional complex near the Belarusian State Circus.

Yury Chyzh’s elder son Syarhey

The businessman’s elder son Syarhey Chyzh was a student at University College London and the University of Oxford.

“My son did not feel good in England,” Yury Chyzh told Narodnaya Volya. “He was missing home, but he had to put up with that. Now he works with me.”

Syarhey Chyzh and his wife Palina

Yury Chyzh said in an interview with the newspaper Mayak five years ago that his elder son was working for the ProStore Trade chain of hypermarkets, of which Yury Chyzh is a majority shareholder.

In 2013, Syarhey Chyzh reportedly became a member of the supervisory board of Minsk Sparkling Wines Plant, in which Triple Ltd owns a stake.

In addition, according to data from the Ministry of Justice, Syarhey Chyzh owns 47.16 percent of Danprod, a pork production business in the Valozhyn district, Minsk region, and 30 percent of Property Management Group, which is a distributor for the products of Byaroza Integrated Silicate Goods Plant and KvartsMelProm, a building materials business in the Malaryta district, Brest region. Triple Ltd holds stakes in both Byaroza Integrated Silicate Goods Plant and KvartsMelProm.

Yury Chyzh’s daughter Tatsyana

Tatsyana Chyzh, the middle child in Yury Chyzh’s family, studied hotel management in Switzerland. “We now have an interesting project in the hotel industry, which we are carrying out together with the international hotel chain Kempinski,” Yury Chyzh told Mayak in 2011. “And my daughter Tatsyana has decided to specialize in hotel management. She studies in Switzerland. She likes this.”

Tatsyana Chyzh (right) with her parents

The magazine La Dolce Vita reported in June 2015 that Tatsyana Chyzh was a manager in the restaurant business of her father after receiving “excellent education” in Switzerland.

According to the Ministry of Justice, Tatsyana Chyzh also owns 70 percent of Property Management Group.

Yury Chyzh’s younger son Uladzimir

Uladzimir Chyzh has not yet involved in the family’s business activities, but sources say that he wants to join the management team of FC Dinamo Minsk, a leading Belarusian soccer club in which Triple Ltd holds a controlling stake.

Brothers Syarhey and Uladzimir Chyzh

Yury Chyzh’s brothers Alyaksandr and Anatol

In his native Byaroza district, Brest region, Yury Chyzh founded a company called Variant, which makes wooden doors and windows and prefabricated glued log houses.

Yury Chyzh’s brother Alyaksandr has been a co-owner of the company since it was founded.

Yury Chyzh’s other brother, Anatol Chyzh, was a co-owner of Variant until May 2015.

According to the Ministry of Justice, Alyaksandr Chyzh currently owns 50 percent of Variant and the other 50 percent is owned by Anatol Chyzh’s son Andrey.


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