Karatkevich seeking to stage three demonstrations in Minsk on July 15

Tatsyana Karatkevich, an activist of the “Tell the Truth!” movement who plans to run in October’s presidential race, has applied to the Minsk City Executive Committee for permission to stage three demonstrations at the center of the city on July 15.

The applications were filed on June 30, shortly after the House of Representatives voted to schedule the election for October 11. The demonstrations would take place near the HUM department store, the Kamarowski Rynak market, and a Karona shopping center.

Speaking to reporters, Ms. Karatkevich said that she was confirming her intention to run for President. According to her, the objective of the demonstrations is to recruit people for her nomination group and show her team’s intention to take an active part in the election.

Ms. Karatkevich intended to hand her applications to officials. However, when no one came out to meet with her, she left the letters in a special box in the entrance hall of the city government’s office.

According to Andrey Dzmitryyew, chairman of the “Tell the Truth!” movement and Ms. Karatkevich’s campaign chief, similar applications will be filed in a total of 40 Belarusian cities. // BelaPAN