United Kingdom’s Visa Application Center in Minsk moves into permanent office

The permanent office of the United Kingdom`s Visa Application Center in Minsk (VAC) began operation on January 15.

The VAC`s temporary office was situated at President Hotel in Minsk.

In June 2014, the British embassy`s visa section stopped accepting visa applications, transferring this function to Teleperformance Ltd., which runs UK VACs around the globe.

While speaking at the opening ceremony for the office at the Nyamiha City center, UK Ambassador Bruce Bucknell noted that visa centers had replaced the visa sections of the British embassies in many countries. This is a wonderful example of cooperation between the business sector and the government, he said. The reform has enabled the UK government to establish more VACs all over the world and save its own funds and taxpayers` money, Mr. Bucknell said.