Minsk hosts first-ever Belarusian-language sports festival

An amateur sports festival where all participants were encouraged to speak Belarusian was held for the first time ever in Minsk on September 28.

Mova Cup had been organized by swimming star Alyaksandra Herasimenya with support from prominent sports journalists.

While opening the festival, Ms. Herasimenya acknowledged that she was a bit nervous and wished all participants success.

“Our national consciousness has been awakened, everyone is interested in Belarusian. The language is something that distinguishes us from other nations,” Ms. Herasimenya, a double Olympic silver medalist, told BelaPAN.

“It’s difficult because I don’t use Belarusian in everyday life. Now it’s a bit hard,” said the athlete with a smile.

The festival included competitions in more than 10 sports.