Temperature record broken in Minsk

The temperature in Minsk reached 35.6 degrees Celsius on August 3, the hottest day on record in the Belarusian capital city.

According to meteorological news site meteoinfo.by, the new heat record beat the previous all-time high of 35 degrees Celsius, which was registered in Minsk on July 29, 1936. The previous record for August 3 stood at 32 degrees Celsius and was set in 1971. August’s highest temperature until last Sunday had been 34.6 degrees Celsius. It was reported on August 24, 2007.

The mercury soared to 36.5 degrees Celsius in Maryina Horka, a city in the Minsk region, on August 3, making it the hottest place in Belarus on Sunday. The temperature equaled the country’s record for August 3 set in Brahin in 2010 and broke Maryina Horka’s 113-year record of 34.6 degrees Celsius.

Maryina Horka saw the hottest day ever on August 3. // BelaPAN