Uladzimir Amaryn and Maksim Yermalovich seen as likeliest candidates for finance minister

Uladzimir Amaryn and Maksim Yermalovich are the two likeliest candidates for the job of finance minister, according to experts.

Uladzimir Amaryn Maksim Yermalovich
Uladzimir Amaryn  Maksim Yermalovich

Mr. Amaryn, 53, is currently first deputy minister, while the 37-year-old Yermalovich holds the position of deputy minister. One of them is widely expected to be named the successor of Andrey Kharkavets, 50, who left the job because of ill health.

The other two deputy ministers are Uladzislaw Tatarynovich and Dzmitry Kiyko.

Experts warn that a new finance minister will have to withstand much pressure from other government agencies.

Mr. Kharkavets` predecessor, Mikalay Korbut, was finance minister between 1997 and 2008 and was described as a tough minister who did not easily submit to pressure from other ministries and the cabinet. He resigned from the job after suffering a stroke.

Mr. Kharkavets was a "softer" figure but did not easily change his mind under pressure either and was seen arguing even with the prime minister, said analysts.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a former official at the finance ministry suggested that Mr. Yermalovich, who is currently in charge of fiscal policy issues, was a better candidate for the job of minister than Mr. Amaryn. "He has a quicker approach to decision-making. This is a person who is not afraid to assume responsibility and is confident that he is right," said the ex-official. // BelaPAN