Man sentenced to 17 years in prison for beating his mother to death


The Mahilyow Regional Court has sentenced a man to 17 years in a medium-security correctional institution for beating his mother to death.

As Ala Kuznyatsova, senior aide to the Mahilyow regional prosecutor, told BelaPAN, the murder was committed on September 9, 2012 after a drinking party in which the 33-year-old man, his mother and his elderly grandmother.

Some time after the family went to bed, the man woke up and could not find 200,000 rubels (some $24) in his jacket’s pockets. Assuming that it was his mother who had taken the money, the man went to her room and started beating the sleeping woman and demanding his money back. He hit and kicked her and then jumped onto her and started trampling her.
As a result, the woman suffered multiple fractured ribs and ruptured organs. She died at the scene from traumatic shock.
During the trial, the resident of Mahilyow denied his guilt, although he admitted that he had hit his mother a few times but said that she could not have died from those hits. He also tried to shift the guilt to his grandmother who he said might have hit his mother in the head with an object while he was away.

However, the man was proven guilty and convicted of brutal murder under Part Two of the Criminal Code's Articles 139. He had previous convictions. //BelaPAN