Belarus outlines priorities during its chairmanship of CIS


The Belarusian foreign ministry has outlined the main objectives that the country plans to pursue during its chairmanship of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) in 2013.

Belarus plans to call for further mutually beneficial cooperation between the member states of the ex-Soviet bloc, says the ministry's statement. In particular, Belarus intends to suggest that the CIS countries expand their ties with other states and blocs and propose the wider use of cross-border cooperation.

Belarus will push for more cooperation in handling natural and man-made disasters within the CIS and higher security on the bloc's western borders.

The country will make a call for developing the bloc's free trade zone and industrial cooperation, and promoting joint "green economy" projects. In particular, Minsk will propose drawing up a list of low-carbon energy projects relying on renewable energy sources, devising ways of funding environmental projects, developing environment-friendly transport, and fostering environmental tourism.

Belarus also plans to urge the CIS member states to further strengthen the role of the Commonwealth's television and radio company Mir and use the Internet on a wider scale for distributing information about CIS projects in the spheres of culture, education, science, sports, and tourism, according to the foreign ministry's statement. //BelaPAN