Opposition politician Lyabedzka says he will complain about foreign travel ban


Anatol Lyabedzka, chairman of the opposition United Civic Party (UCP), told reporters in Minsk on Tuesday that he would complain about the foreign travel ban against him.

Mr. Lyabedzka said that an officer at the citizenship and migration office of the Tsentralny district police department in Minsk had informed him that the temporary foreign travel ban had been imposed on him because he “avoided fulfilling court-ordered obligations.”

On March 7, Belarusian border guards at the Kamenny Loh border checkpoint did not allow Mr. Lyabedzka to cross the border into Lithuania without giving any explanation.

Mr. Lyabedzka noted that he had not lately been involved in any court proceedings. He said that he would soon contact the justice ministry for an explanation and simultaneously file a complaint with the interior ministry.

Mr. Lyabedzka noted that he might urge instituting criminal proceedings against the officials responsible for illegally banning him from traveling abroad. //BelaPAN