Malady Front determined to mark BNR anniversary with demonstration in downtown Minsk


Malady Front is determined to mark the 94th anniversary of the short-lived Belarusian National Republic (BNR) with a demonstration at the center of Minsk, Mikalay Dzemidzenka, deputy chair of the opposition youth group, told BelaPAN.

"We do not agree to celebrate Belarus' main holiday in a swamp," he said, referring to plans for staging a BNR anniversary rally in Peoples' Friendship Park, a fairly remote place popular with joggers, people walking their dogs and mothers with baby carriages.

"And I know that very many people support this stance. There was a similar discussion last year and we expressed our firm stance. Probably this is the reason why we have not been invited to join the organizing committee for this year's demonstration," Mr. Dzemidzenka said.

Malady Front plans to submit a formal application to the city executive committee for permission to stage the demonstration.

"We have not yet decided whether the application will meet Belarusian regulations and specify the people responsible for the demonstration or European regulations, which require simply a notice of the event and a request to ensure public peace to be submitted," Anastasiya Palazhanka, another deputy chair of Malady Front, told BelaPAN.