Activist of \"Tell the Truth!\" movement charged with production and distribution of illegal print material


A Mahilyow-based activist of the “Tell the Truth!” movement has been charged with the production and distribution of illegal print material after her car was pulled over by road traffic police 10 kilometers away from the city on Saturday afternoon.

Aksana Samuylava was traveling from Kirawsk, located 85 kilometers off Mahilyow, with the movement`s material on board.

The police claimed that they suspected her car of being involved in a deadly accident and ordered the woman to follow them to the district police station where she was fined 17,500 rubels for failure to pass a MOT test in good time.

“Officers of the district police station asked me to open the trunk where they saw the print material,” Ms. Samuylava told BelaPAN. “They said that the material was illegal, claiming that it did not have imprint data. But only half of the material missed them. Moreover, we had just recently received it back from the KGB.”
The woman was carrying postcards, copies of “Tell the Truth!” leader Uladzimir Nyaklyayew’s letters of gratitude and 5,000 copies of a local newspaper.

Ms. Samuylova was charged under the Civil Offenses Code and freed pending trial.

In Mahilyow, she was pulled over by traffic police once again. “They approached me with guns and said that they had an APB on my car and that I was suspected of carrying illegal material,” said Ms. Samuylova. “I told them that I had had it seized minutes earlier.”