Lukashenka inspects newly built gymnastics complex in Mahilyow

Alyaksandr Lukashenka visited a newly built Gymnastics Palace in Mahilyow on November 6.

Sports facilities will continue to be built in Belarus, as this largely determines the health of the succeeding generations of the nation, Mr. Lukashenka stressed during the visit.

Lukashenka inspects newly built gymnastics complex in Mahilyow

According to him, a lot has been done in the country so that not only professional athletes but also common people will go in for sports. “We’ll certainly build sports facilities,” he said. “Our children need this. The greatest happiness is when your children are not ill.”

“If a choice has to be made between building a store and building a gym, then the store will, of course, be built in the first instance,” Mr. Lukashenka noted, adding, however, that Belarus has learned to build sports facilities economically.

Officials of the Mahilyow regional government reported to the head of state that there were plans to build ice hockey arenas in Hlusk, Horki, Kastsyukovichy, Kluchaw, Asipovichy, Chavusy and Shklow, and a soccer arena and a rowing lake in Mahilyow in the next five years.

The new Gymnastics Palace in Mahilyow includes two halls for training and competitions in gymnastics, trampolining and acrobatics, locker rooms, fitness and weight rooms, billiard and table tennis rooms, swimming baths, a conference hall, a beauty salon, a sauna and a restaurant. //BelaPAN