Belarusian Christian Democracy applies to justice ministry for registration

Belarusian Christian Democracy (BCD) on September 17 filed an application for registration and its founding documents with the justice ministry.

This is the third attempt by the party to get registered. On September 12, BCD held one more founding conference for this purpose.

BCD held founding conferences on February 28 and October 31, 2009. Both applications for state registration that were filed with the justice ministry following the conferences were rejected. The ministry explained that there was evidence of violations of the procedure in the nomination of delegates to the conference, that false information had been provided about founders, and that some people were stated as founders without their knowledge. The party appealed the registration denial to the Supreme Court of Belarus, but to no avail.

“The present situation is considerably different,” BCD Co-chairman Paval Sevyarynets told BelaPAN on Friday. “In six weeks, the European Union will decide whether to lift its sanctions against top Belarusian officials. The justice ministry is to announce a decision on the registration of our party by that time. We have many partners in Europe. Many European Christian parties are influential in the European Parliament and the registration of BCD is one of the conditions for abolishing the sanctions. So there is a chance that we’ll be registered.”

It is evident that irrespective of whether the justice ministry will or will not register the party, “this will be a political, not technical legal decision, made at a much higher level than the justice ministry,” Mr. Sevyarynets noted.

Under regulations, there shall be at least 1000 founders residing in Minsk and most of Belarus’ six regions for a political party to be registered.

Not a single political party has been registered in Belarus in the last decade.