Belarusian Christian Democracy decides again pulling candidates out of election race

An unregistered political party called Belarusian Christian Democracy (BCD) on March 28 voted to approve the further participation of its activists in the local elections campaign, at least, until the early voting stage.

Twenty-one members of the BCD National Rada (Council) voted in favor of the decision, three voted against it and seven abstained.

A decision to participate in the campaign until its end would dismay people believing that vote counts would be anyway fabricated, no fair elections can take place in Belarus under the current regime and participation in the campaign means the recognition of the authorities’ legitimacy, said BCD co-founder Pavel Sevyarynets.

“Our decision to participate until the early voting stage will show the phoniness of these elections,” he said. “But nobody forbids our candidates to run in the race until the end. The decision of the party allows them to do so.”

Moreover, this is the first election campaign for more than 90 percent of the BCD candidates, and it will help them acquire an experience for further campaigns, the politician said. //BelaPAN