None of Belarusian Christian Democracy's 43 representatives included in territorial election commissions for local elections

None of Belarusian Christian Democracy (BCD)'s 43 representatives has been included in territorial election commissions for the April 25 local elections, Paval Sevyarynets, co-chairman of the opposition party, told BelaPAN.

BCD is not a registered party and that is why its representatives sought membership through the collection of voter signatures, Mr. Sevyarynets said.

"Just by law of averages, at least a few of our applications should have been granted even in large cities where there were between 1.5 and two applications per seat," he said.

However, as it turned out, only pre-selected people were included in election commisions, Mr. Sevyarynets said.

A list of the nominated BCD representatives has been sent to the party's partners in Europe, he said. "They can now see for themselves what liberalization on the terms of [Lidziya] Yarmoshyna [head of the central election commission] means," Mr. Sevyarynets said.