Siberian tiger in Minsk Zoo to eat her usual food on New Year’s Eve

Minsk Zoo workers have no plans to give special food treats to a Siberian tiger, brought to the zoo at the age of eight months, on the occasion of New Year that will bring in the Year of the Tiger.

Unfamiliar food may have bad effects on her health, explains Volha Kalmakova who works at the zoo.

“Alisa arrived here at the age of eight months from the Kuban Zoo Circus. Her daily diet features eight kilograms of beef and bones, and she is given eggs, milk and live rodents and rabbits twice a week," she says.

Ms. Kalmakova says that Alisa has quite an uneasy temper. A camera flash or a shouting visitor may prompt her to hide from people, the woman notes.

“One legend says that the ox once won the tiger, which is why we should say a farewell to the Year of the Ox calmly, without singing praise to it and meet the Year of the Tiger with hope and dignity,” Ms. Kalmakova adds.