Police in Minsk raid opposition youths’ homes ahead of BNR anniversary demonstration


Police raided the homes of Malady Front young activists in Minsk on Wednesday ahead of a demonstration that the opposition is planning to stage later in the day to mark the 91st anniversary of the Belarusian National Republic (BNR).

In particular, police raided the apartment of Dzyanis Karnow. Five officers of the Tsentralny district police department arrived at Mr. Karnow’s when his two associates – Ilya Shyla and Vadzim Khanyawka – were there.

“The police said that they had received a telephone call from a neighbor reporting that she heard a scuffle taking place in the apartment,” Malady Front spokesperson Tatsyana Shaputska said. “They examined the apartment but did not seize anything because there were no campaigning materials, flags or signs. Having found nothing, they left.”

When the policemen went away, Mr. Karnow discovered that a EUR100 bill had disappeared, Ms. Shaputska said, noting that the youth was planning to file a complaint to the district prosecutor’s office and police station on Thursday.

On the same day, police raided an apartment leased by Malady Front members Mikalay Dzyamidzenka and Valery Matskevich. “A man called on them with the landlord,” Ms. Shaputska said. “The landlord said that he wanted to lease one room. Having examined the apartment, the man said that he was a policeman and called two more officers of the Frunzenski district police department. As a result, they seized a flag of the For Freedom Movement.” //BelaPAN