CIS justice ministers confer in Minsk

The Third Session of the CIS Council of Justice Ministers was held in Minsk on May 28.

Participants discussed, among other issues, registration procedures for non-governmental organizations, Belarusian Justice Minister Viktar Halavanaw told reporters following the meeting.

Russian Justice Minister Aleksandr Konovalov said that the government’s supervision over NGOs should not be burdensome but efficient. “This possibility will tend to increase as social processes in CIS countries stabilize,” he noted.

Mr. Halavanaw said that he agreed with his Russian counterpart that supervision over NGOs should not be burdensome, but, he said, the government should show that it is unconditionally necessary for NGOs to abide by regulations. “All organizations that may be engaged in destructive activities and, in particular, extremist activities should be brought to justice,” he suggested.

“European countries try to impose on us standards of transparency for budgets and governmental and non-governmental organizations,” said Kyrgyzstan’s justice minister, Marat Kayypov. CIS governments should hardly follow their recommendations, he noted.