Judge in Homyel sentences opposition activist to 15 days in jail over celebration of Belarusian National Republic anniversary

A district judge in Homyel on April 23 sentenced Uladzimir Nyapomnyashchy to 15 days in jail over a celebration held in the city on March 23 on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the short-lived Belarusian National Republic, BelaPAN reports.

Judge Aleh Kharoshka of the Navabelitski District Court found the opposition activist guilty of acting in violation of regulations governing demonstrations under Article 23.24 of the Administrative Offenses Code.

On March 23, some 30 people made a walking tour through Homyel, visiting places related to the life of Paluta Badunova, a member of the government of the Belarusian National Republic, including the place where her house had once stood.
The event ended with participants laying roses and carnations at the site and releasing white and red balloons.

On April 22, Judge Kharoshka sentenced two men to seven and 10 days in jail and imposed heavy fines on three other people in connection with the event, which participants called a “historical excursion.”

Two more excursion participants, Maryya Tulzhankova and Syarhey Tryfanaw, had been ordered to stand trial on Wednesday, but they did not turn up. The judge said that they would be brought to the court by force.

Paluta Badunova was one of the most outstanding female figures of Belarusian national revival in the early 20th century. In the mid-1920s, she abandoned political activities because of a serious illness but, nevertheless, she was arrested in 1937 and is believed to have been killed by the NKVD in 1938.