Video: Old cannons found at building site in Minsk

Two cannons believed to be dating back to the latter half of the 18th century were found during excavation work on Internatsyyanalnaya Street in Minsk.

A digger first unearthed one weapon at a depth of four meters. Later, another was found.

Experts at the National Museum of Belarusian History and Culture said that the finds were unique. Right at the site, the foreman, Vyachaslaw Smutny, signed a report on the donation of the cannons to the museum, with Svyatlana Hawrylava, the museum's chief custodian, noting that the museum did not have such relics.

Dzmitry Shlyakhtsin, a senior researcher at the museum, said that the six-pound cast iron cannons fired balls, canister shells and explosive shells, and are likely to have been made in a European country.

The finds are to undergo restorations that may take up to six months.