Ethnic Belarusians mark BNR anniversary in United States


Ethnic Belarusians resident in the United States held a series of events in New York earlier this week to mark 90 years since the establishment of the Belarusian National Republic (BNR).

On March 23, about 15 people took part in a demonstration in front of the UN headquarters, the Belarusian Youth Movement of America said in a statement posted on its website.

They displayed Belarus’ historic white-red-white flags, posters in support of an unregistered youth group called Malady Front and signs saying, “Freedom To Political Prisoners!” and “Russia, Hands Off Belarus!”

The anniversary also was marked by a solemn service at the Saint Cyril of Turaw Church in Brooklyn.

In addition, an exhibition featuring 32 paintings by Alyaksey Marachkin, Ales Shaternik, Uladzimir Novak, Henadz Drazdow, Alyaksandr Hryhoryew and other Belarusian artists opened at a museum in New York.

Ethnic Belarusians also took part in Belarusian language dictation sessions and donated funds for a memorial plaque to be mounted on the former building of the BNR embassy in Tallinn, the Estonian capital. //BelaPAN