Hunger-striking supporters stage short demonstration in Minsk in support of Kazulin

Prominent opposition politician Syarhey Skrabets, his brother, Alyaksandr, and one more opposition activist, Tatsyana Vanina, on Thursday evening attempted to stage a demonstration on Minsk's Kastrychnitskaya Square in protest against the imprisonment of Alyaksandr Kazulin.

According to BelaPAN, in the center of the square, the three, who are on hunger strike in support of the former presidential candidate, unfolded signs reading «I go on hunger strike.» Police officers pushed the three away from the square three minutes into the demonstration.

Mr. Skrabets told reporters at the scene that he was set to stage such demonstrations every day until March 25, the 90th anniversary of the short-lived Belarusian National Republic.

There was a heavy police presence on the square and around it, with officers stopping youths exiting the Kastrychnitskaya subway station and searching their bags.

Mr. Skrabets and his brother went on what they called indefinite strike on March 10. More people joined their protest later.