Vendors’ council at Baranavichy market asks regional government again for venue where it could hold conference


The coordinating council of vendors at a market in Baranavichy, Brest region, has filed another request with the city government for a venue where it could hold its conference, Mikalay Charnavus, a member of the council, told BelaPAN.

Earlier, the Baranavichy government rejected the vendors’ application for permission to hold the conference at the Baranavichy City Executive Committee’s assembly hall on March 14. The city authorities said in their reply that the hall “is not designed for mass events not listed in the work plan of the executive committee,” and that its office closes at 5 p.m., exactly when the conference was to start, Mr. Charnavus said.

The administration of the Kastrychnik movie theater in Baranavichy said that it would allow the vendors to gather in its 450-seat hall provided the city government gave its consent, Mr. Charnavus noted. However, according to him, when he arrived at the Baranavichy City Executive Committee, bureaucrats just kept sending him from one door to another. “As a result, I left empty-handed. Apparently, correspondence is the only thing with which officials can contact with people,” Mr. Charnavus said.

In their new letter, the vendors ask the city government to permit them “in principle” to gather at any rented venue designed for mass events, Mr. Charnavus said.

The conference is scheduled for March 21.