Leanid Kulakow

Opposition activists demonstrate in Minsk in support of historically national symbols

The demonstrators lined up along Independence Avenue, holding white-red-white flags. Some were handing out white-red-white ribbons to passers-by…

Opposition activists stage Chernobyl anniversary march in Minsk

Opposition activists staged a traditional demonstration in Minsk on Sunday to mark the 29th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear accident...

Opposition activist Leanid Kulakow gets 10-day jail term

  A district judge in Minsk on Thursday imposed a 10-day jail term on Leanid Kulakow, a member of an opposition group called European Belarus.

All nine people arrested outside jail in Minsk released without charge

  All the nine people who were arrested Wednesday outside a jail in Minsk were released without a charge later in the day.