Ilya Dabratvor

Opposition activists stage Chernobyl anniversary march in Minsk

Opposition activists staged a traditional demonstration in Minsk on Sunday to mark the 29th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear accident...

Opposition activist Vasil Parfyankow flees Belarus

Vasil Parfyankow, an opposition activist who was released from a correctional facility in Horki, Mahilyow region, on December 5 and placed under “preventive police supervision” after serving out a one-year prison term, has fled Belarus.

Opposition activist Dabratvor sentenced to 14 days in jail for allegedly uttering obscenities

Ilya Dabratvor, a member of opposition groups called Razam and Alternatyva, was sentenced Tuesday to 14 days in jail for allegedly using obscen

Opposition candidate for Minsk City Soviet detained by traffic police

  Ilya Dabratvor, a candidate for the Minsk City Soviet, was detained by traffic police in Minsk on Friday minutes after he greeted opposition activist Zmitser Dashkevich upon his release from jail.

Seventeen people left in presidential race

The central election commission has granted registration to the nomination groups of 17 people who may now get registered as candidates in Belarus’ forthcoming presidential election if their groups manage to gather the required 100,000 ballot-access signatures,

Seventeen people left in presidential race

A total of 19 people filed applications with the central election commission for the registration of their nomination groups...