Anatol Lyabedzka

The leaders of four opposition political parties met with visiting OSCE/ODIHR experts

“The system established by Alyaksandr Lukashenka has nothing in common with free and fair elections…”

Judge of Minsk City Court upholds fine against United Civic Party leader

A judge of the Minsk City Court on Friday upheld a district court's decision to impose a fine on Anatol Lyabedzka, chairman of the United Ci

United Civic Party leader appeals fine to Minsk City Court

  Anatol Lyabedzka, leader of the United Civic Party (UCP), on Wednesday filed an appeal with the Minsk City Court against a fine imposed on him by a district court.

United Civic Party will reach out to «supporters of change» in 2013, leader says

  The United Civic Party (UCP) will use 2013 for reaching out to "supporters of change," Chairman Anatol Lyabedzka told reporters in Minsk on Friday.

United Civic Party will not act on selection of single opposition candidate so far, leader says

The United Civic Party (UCP) has no plans so far to take any special efforts toward the selection of a single opposition candidate in the 2015 presidential election...

Tax ministry replies to opposition politician\'s request over Lukashenka\'s Maybach claim

The tax ministry has replied to opposition politician Anatol Lyabedzka's request that it check whether Alyaksandr Lukashenka paid a tax on a Maybach presented to him by a Russian businessman.

Lyabedzka urges Tusk to start implementing local border traffic agreement unilaterally

Mr. Lyabedzka handed a letter to this effect to Leszek Szerepka, the Polish ambassador to Belarus, during a meeting...

Current parliamentary elections are worst in history, Lyabedzka says

The ongoing parliamentary election campaign is the worst one in the history of Belarus, Anatol Lyabedzka, chairman of the United Civic Party, told

Anatol Lyabedzka reelected leader of Untied Civic Party

  Anatol Lyabedzka was reelected chairperson of the United Civic Party (UCP) in a secret ballot at the party’s convention held in Minsk on Saturday.

Anatol Lyabedzka sues interior and justice ministries over foreign travel ban

Anatol Lyabedzka, chairman of the United Civic Party (UCP), has filed a suit against the interior and justice ministries over the imposition of a foreign travel ban on him...

Opposition politician Lyabedzka says he will complain about foreign travel ban

  Anatol Lyabedzka, chairman of the opposition United Civic Party (UCP), told reporters in Minsk on Tuesday that he would complain about the foreign travel ban against him.

Lyabedzka emphasizes importance of holding free and fair elections in Belarus

Leader of the United Civic Party urged the authorities to allow opposition forces to enter the government through a transparent and democratic election...

Lyabedzka describes as mistake Ramanchuk\'s nomination as presidential candidate

  Anatol Lyabedzka said on Monday that the selection of Yaraslaw Ramanchuk as the United Civic Party (UCP)'s nominee in last year's presidential election was a mistake.

Lyabedzka denies signing any papers in exchange for release

The 49-year-old leader of the United Civic Party (UCP) was released from the jail on his own recognizance late on April 6...

KGB seizes seven computers, Ramanchuk’s campaign material from United Civic Party office

Officers of the Committee for State Security (KGB) conducted a search for more than four hours at the Minsk office of the United Civic Party (UCP), seizing seven computers, a phone book, a business card holder, and leaflets and other campaign material of the party’s presid

Opposition politician hails forthcoming election as great opportunity

The forthcoming presidential election, despite being the most difficult one, will be a great opportunity for those in favor of change, Anatol Lyabedzka, chairman of the United Civic Party, said Monday during a regional conference of pro-democratic forces in Brest,

Police attempt to break up opposition presidential hopeful\'s meeting with voters in Vileyka

Police attempted to break up a meeting that the United Civic Party (UCP)'s presidential nominee Yaraslaw Ramanchuk held with voters in Vileyka, Minsk region, on August 26.

Opposition leaders sign agreement on electoral cooperation

The leaders of six opposition groups on August 24 signed an agreement on cooperation during the forthcoming presidential race, BelaPAN reports.

Agreement on cooperation between opposition presidential hopefuls may be signed next week

An agreement on cooperation between opposition hopefuls during the forthcoming presidential race may be signed at a meeting on August 24, Mikalay Statkevich, leader of the European Coalition, told BelaPAN.