Anatol Lyabedzka

European People’s Party denounces human rights violations in Belarus

The European People’s Party (EPP) adopted a resolution denouncing human rights violations in Belarus at a meeting in Copenhagen on September 5. In particular, the resolution criticizes mass arrests of peaceful demonstrators this past spring.

Opposition activists demonstrate in Minsk in support of Belsat TV

A group of Belarusian opposition activists demonstrated in front of the Presidential Administration in downtown Minsk, demanding that the government ensure the existence of a Belarusian-language independent television channel to counter Russian television propaganda.

Permanent council of pro-democracy organizations to be established in Belarus

A decision to establish a permanent council of pro-democracy organizations was adopted at a meeting of Belarusian opposition politicians on April 15.

Crowd celebrates BNR anniversary in Minsk

Up to 2,000 people attended a rally staged in front of the Kastrychnik movie theater in downtown Minsk on Friday evening on the occasion of the 98th anniversary of the proclamation of the independence of the Belarusian National Republic.

Some 300 demonstrate in downtown Minsk in support of stallholders

About 300 people staged an unsanctioned demonstration in downtown Minsk on Monday afternoon to demand the abolition of tough new rules for non-food stallholders at markets and shopping centers.

Some 1,000 small vendors demonstrate in central Minsk

About a thousand non-food stallholders staged an unsanctioned protest in downtown Minsk on Monday to demand that Alyaksandr Lukashenka reverse his edict, which they say is impossible to comply with.

Kobryn-based opposition activist Ales Mekh launches presidential bid

Apart from Mr. Mekh, six persons have already announced their intention to run in this year’s presidential election...

Mourners bid farewell to former Agriculture Minister Lyavonaw

Mr. Lyavonaw, who spent years in prison on what was widely viewed as politically motivated charges, died on January 4 at the age of 76.

Talaka opens office for grassroots work in Brest

The Talaka Civil Alliance for Free and Fair Elections has established an office in Brest that will seek to involve common people in political activities.

EU urged to impose visa bans on three local government officials in Mahilyow region

Anatol Lyabedzka, leader of the United Civic Party (UCP), used his meeting with Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius in Minsk on July 25 to ask the European Union to impose an EU entry ban on three local government officials in the Mahilyow region.

Lithuania has not changed its position with regard to Belarus, foreign minister says

Lithuania has not altered its position with regard to Belarus and continues suggesting that the Belarusian authorities should respect human rights and release all political prisoners, Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius said Friday in Minsk while meeting with Belarusian opp

Foreign ministers of Belarus, Lithuania hold talks in Minsk

Belarus and Lithuania should expand their cooperation, especially in trade, investment and transportation, despite some differences in the two countries` approaches...

Foreign ministers of Belarus, Lithuania hold talks in Minsk

Belarus and Lithuania should expand their cooperation, especially in trade, investment and transportation, despite some differences in the two countries` approaches...

Popularity ratings of all potential opposition presidential candidates combined do not exceed 20 percent, poll finds

The popularity ratings of potential opposition presidential candidates do not exceed 20 percent combined, reported the Vilnius-based Independent Institute of Social, Economic and Political Studies (IISEPS).

Lyabedzka released from jail after serving out 15-day sentence

As the opposition politician walked out of the detention center on Akrestsina Street in Minsk...

Election authorities in Minsk deny registration to two opposition politicians’ nomination groups

Earlier this month, each of the politicians had his applications for the registration of nomination groups rejected by two district election commissions...

European Parliament’s delegation calls for response to recent detention of opposition politician Lyabedzka

  The European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Belarus has urged the European Commission to respond to the recent detention of United Civic Party (UCP) leader Anatol Lyabedzka, said the UCP press office.

Opposition politicians seek permission to hold “car run” in Minsk in protest against new tax

Three prominent opposition politicians have applied to the Minsk City Executive Committee for permission to hold a “car run” on January 5 in protest against a new tax on motor vehicle owners.

Opposition politician warns EU against focusing exclusively on contacts with government

The European Union\'s European Dialogue on Modernization with Belarus may turn into a means of establishing contacts exclusively with the Belarusian government...

Anatol Lyabedzka meets with Andrey Sannikaw in Vilnius

  Anatol Lyabedzka, chairman of the opposition United Civic Party (UCP), met Monday in Vilnius with Andrey Sannikaw, a former presidential candidate who leads an organization called European Belarus.

Member of United Civic Party skeptical about chairman’s proposal to hold presidential primaries

Although the proposal to hold primaries may be attractive at first sight, it has several fatal flaws, Mr. Balykin commented...

Georgian politician said to have financed Lukashenka\'s opponents

  A Russian opposition activist has claimed that prominent Georgian politician Givi Targamadze provided funding to Alyaksandr Lukashenka's political opponents in the 2000s.

Chernobyl anniversary march takes place in Minsk

Up to 800 people took part in a traditional \"Charnobylski Shlyakh\" demonstration staged in downtown Minsk on Friday evening...

Freedom Day demonstration staged in Minsk

Up to 1000 people took part in a “Dzen Voli” demonstration that was staged in Minsk on March 24 to mark 95 years since the proclamation of the short-lived 1918 Belarusian National Republic...