Alyaksandr Milinkevich

Popularity ratings of all potential opposition presidential candidates combined do not exceed 20 percent, poll finds

The popularity ratings of potential opposition presidential candidates do not exceed 20 percent combined, reported the Vilnius-based Independent Institute of Social, Economic and Political Studies (IISEPS).

Organizers of People`s Referendum campaign aiming to secure majority support

The main objective of the People`s Referendum campaign is to secure the support of a majority of Belarusians and use public opinion to put pressure...

Milinkevich speaks at European People’s Party meeting in Athens

The former presidential candidate emphasized the need for a roadmap for step-by-step rapprochement between Belarus and the European Union…

Milinkevich speaks about importance of anti-Russian insurgent Kalinowski

  Former presidential candidate Alyaksandr Milinkevich spoke about the importance of anti-Russian insurgent Kastus Kalinowski. Kalinowski was a leader of the 1863-64 anti-Russian uprising in Belarus, Lithuania and Poland.

Key opposition forces, politicians sign memorandum declaring intention to defend Belarus’ independence

The memorandum was signed at a meeting in Vilnius on November 3...

Milinkevich reelected as leader of Movement for Freedom

Milinkevich said that he was ready to be pro-democracy forces’ common candidate to compete against Alyaksandr Lukashenka in the next, 2015 presidential election...

Supreme Court judge upholds ballot access denial for Alyaksandr Milinkevich

A judge of the Supreme Court of Belarus on Wednesday upheld the central election commission\'s decision to deny registration as a parliamentary candidate to Alyaksandr Milinkevich...

Milinkevich appeals denial of ballot access to Supreme Court

  Alyaksandr Milinkevich, leader of the Movement for Freedom, has filed an appeal against the denial of registration as a parliamentary candidate with the Supreme Court.

Alyaksandr Milinkevich denied registration as parliamentary candidate

Alyaksandr Milinkevich, leader of the Movement for Freedom, has been denied registration as a candidate for the House of Representatives, the head of the politician’s nomination group...

Member of Milinkevich’s nomination group attacked by drunk men in Minsk

\"They tried to wrest a file with papers inside from me, I was punched in the head several times. I started running away with the file in my hands, they chased me\"...

Authorities should start reforms to avert firestorm of public protest, Milinkevich says

The Belarusian authorities should immediately start political and economic reforms to avert a firestorm of public protest, opposition

Milinkevich urges EU not to restore relations with Minsk until release of all opposition figures

The opposition politician urges the EU to express solidarity with the arrested people and demand their immediate release and an impartial inquiry into the brutal...

Leaders of four pro-democratic groups set up coalition ahead of presidential poll

The leaders of four pro-democratic groups on September 17 signed an agreement on the establishment of a coalition to coordinate their activities during the country’s presidential campaign, BelaPAN reports.

Four pro-democratic groups set up coalition to coordinate activities during presidential campaign

Alyaksandr Milinkevich of the Movement for Freedom, Alyaksey Yanukevich of the Belarusian Popular Front, Aleh Novikaw of the Belarusian Party of the Greens and Ales Mikhalevich...

Milinkevich gives up presidential bid

“We have no elections, we only have an election campaign,” Mr. Milinkevich said.

Aleh Baybenin’s funeral

The funeral of prominent journalist Aleh Byabenin was held at the Maskowskiya (Uskhodniya) cemetery in Minsk on Monday, BelaPAN reports.

Milinkevich may withdraw his presidential bid

\"Running for president is a very responsible step,\" said the 63-year-old Milinkevich. \"I must take it if my participation helps protect the independence of Belarus...

Uladzimir Nyaklyayew announces presidential bid

Mr. Nyaklyayew stressed that the \"Tell the Truth!\" team were \"fully ready\" for his presidential campaign...

Lukashenka turns 56

Mr. Lukashenka was born in the village of Kopys, Vitsyebsk region, on August 30, 1954. He graduated from the history department of the Mahilyow...

Presidential hopefuls Milinkevich, Kastusyow warn about threat to Belarus’ independence

Opposition presidential hopefuls Alyaksandr Milinkevich and Ryhor Kastusyow have warned that Belarus may lose its independence because of the government's policies, as quoted by BelaPAN.

Agreement on cooperation between opposition presidential hopefuls may be signed next week

An agreement on cooperation between opposition hopefuls during the forthcoming presidential race may be signed at a meeting on August 24, Mikalay Statkevich, leader of the European Coalition, told BelaPAN.

Opposition leaders drop Rada of Belarusian Intelligentsia as mediator in selection of single presidential candidate

Earlier this month, the Rada shortened the list of potential candidates from eight to just five names: Alyaksandr Kazulin, Syarhey Kalyakin, Uladzimir Nyaklyayew...