Ales Lahvinets

Crowd celebrates BNR anniversary in Minsk

Up to 2,000 people attended a rally staged in front of the Kastrychnik movie theater in downtown Minsk on Friday evening on the occasion of the 98th anniversary of the proclamation of the independence of the Belarusian National Republic.

Opposition organizations drawing up preliminary lists of parliamentary hopefuls

 Opposition organizations are drawing up preliminary lists of contenders for this year’s elections for the House of Representatives.

Election authorities in Minsk deny registration to two opposition politicians’ nomination groups

Earlier this month, each of the politicians had his applications for the registration of nomination groups rejected by two district election commissions...

Milinkevich reelected as leader of Movement for Freedom

Milinkevich said that he was ready to be pro-democracy forces’ common candidate to compete against Alyaksandr Lukashenka in the next, 2015 presidential election...

Opposition marks Belarusian National Republic anniversary by rally in Minsk

Opposition activists staged a demonstration in Minsk on Thursday evening to mark the 92nd anniversary of the proclamation of the independence...