Over 500 stallholders stage rally in central Vitsyebsk

More than 500 stallholders in the Vitsyebsk region staged a rally near the regional executive committee's office in Vitsyebsk on Thursday morning to demand the abolition of a presidential edict that has brought the operation of markets and shopping center

Imprisoned opposition activist Ihar Alinevich transferred to correctional institution near Vitsyebsk

Imprisoned opposition activist Ihar Alinevich has been transferred to a correctional institution near Vitsyebsk.

Slavyanski Bazar festival ends with gala concert in Vitsyebsk

The 23rd edition of the Slavyanski Bazar art festival in Vitsyebsk ended with a gala concert on July 14. The show featured mostly Soviet-era pop stars, as well as modern dance troupes and folk bands. The bill was topped by English R&B band Blue.

Two young men arrested in Vitsyebsk region for selling miniature Russian flags

Two young men were arrested by police near Orsha, Vitsyebsk region, for selling miniature Russian flags, according to media reports.

Human rights defender in Vitsyebsk may be deported to Russia if he does not report his income sources

  The Kastrychniski district citizenship and migration office in Vitsyebsk has ordered human rights defender Pyotr Ivanow to report his sources of income and threatens with deportation to Russia for disobeying the order.

Dissident doctor in Vitsyebsk banned from demonstrating against police brutality

  The administration of the Kastrychnitski district in Vitsyebsk banned dissident doctor Ihar Pastnow from demonstrating against police brutality.

Residents of some villages in Vitsyebsk region ordered to cull their hogs

  Residents of villages in the Chashniki district, Vitsyebsk region, have been ordered to cull their hogs before August 1, Mikhail Milchanin, deputy chairman of the district executive committee, told BelaPAN.

Rotting hog carcasses found in forest near Vitsyebsk

  Berry hunters stumbled upon an open pit containing rotting hog carcasses in a forest in the Vitsyebsk district earlier this week.

Authorities ban pork exports from Vitsyebsk region over outbreak of unnamed infection

  The agriculture ministry on Monday introduced a temporary ban on exports of live hogs and pork from the Vitsyebsk region due to an outbreak of an infectious animal disease at the Luchesa hog farm.

Man dies after his car, chased by police, crashes into roadblock

  A driver died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital after his Renault Laguna crashed into a roadblock set up by police in Shumilina, a small city in the Vitsyebsk region, on the night of June 28.

Haydukow’s charge downgraded

The public prosecutor in his case had demanded two years for the accused…

Two opposition activists arrested in Vitsyebsk

Two members of the Belarusian Christian Democracy (BCD) party were arrested in Vitsyebsk on February 16.

Pediatrician makes video appeal to head of Vitsyebsk regional government over his dismissal

  A pediatrician in Vitsyebsk who is about to lose his job after criticizing Alyaksandr Kosinets has made an online video to appeal to the head of the Vitsyebsk Regional Executive Committee.

Jailed opposition activist Syarhey Kavalenka resumes hunger strike, refuses to be force-fed

Jailed opposition activist Syarhey Kavalenka is said to be in critical condition after resuming his hunger strike and refusing to be force-fed, the Belarusian service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty said on February 11.

Mother, wife meet with Andrey Sannikaw in prison

  The wife and the mother of former presidential candidate Andrey Sannikaw had a brief meeting with him on January 24 in the Vitsba 3 correctional institution near Vitsyebsk.

Jail administration refuses to accept water for hunger-striking opposition activist Syarhey Kavalenka

  The wife of Syarhey Kavalenka, a prominent opposition activist resident in Vitsyebsk, was not allowed on January 5 to pass drinking water to her husband, who had been on hunger strike for 17 days.

Lukashenka attacks head of Vitsyebsk regional government for poor performance of farms

  Alyaksandr Lukashenka criticized the head of the Vitsyebsk regional government for the poor performance of the local agriculture industry while visiting the Pastavy district on Tuesday.

Police keep hunting for \"silent\" protesters

Police officers told passers-by not to stop or gather in groups, randomly searching people’s bags and ordering them to show their ID...