New Life Church stages demonstration in Minsk to press its demands

Some 700 people attended an authorized rally that a Protestant community called New Life Church staged in...

Austrian reduces fuel surcharge for long-haul flights

Due to a slight relaxation in conditions on fuel markets, the fuel surcharge for Austrian Airlines long-haul flights (except Australia) is reduced by EUR 10.00. For all tickets issued as of today the surcharge will be cut from EUR 62.00 to EUR 52.00 per flight segment.

Former Atlanta Thrashers coach to lead Belarus at 2007 Ice Hockey World Championships

Curt Fraser, former head coach of the NHL's Atlanta Thrashers, has been appointed to succeed Glen Hanlon as coach of the Belarusian national ice hockey team.

Police briefly detain youths for attempt to display opposition flag in downtown Minsk

Police briefly detained a group of opposition youths after they attempted to attach a white-red-white flag to a bunch of balloons to be flown into the air near the Moskva movie theater in downtown Minsk on October 15.

Opposition youth leader Dashkevich jailed

Dmitry (Zmitser) Dashkevich, a leader of an unregistered opposition group called Malady Front, was escorted Friday morning to the detention center on Volodarskogo Street in Minsk, where he is to stay until his trial, Nastya Polozhenko, an Malady Front activist, told

Belarusian rock acts play live show at US ambassador's residence outside Minsk

Sixteen Belarusian rock acts played a live show at the US ambassador's residence in Raubichi...

Mass drunken scuffle breaks out in suburban train after Minsk's City Day festivities

A mass drunken scuffle occurred in a Minsk-Pukhovichi night suburban train mostly crowded with youths returning home from Minsk when they attended City Day festivities on September 9.

Anonymous letter says Kozulin is given poisoned water

The letter says that the substance was developed at a secret KGB laboratory in the Soviet era. It alleges that...

Austrian indulges Business Class guests with first Original Viennese Coffee House Service and Chefs on board

Austrian will offer an even stronger culinary service on its long-haul Business Class flights from 24 August onwards.

Belarusian Party of Communists comes under threat of closure

The politician noted that the move may be another attempt on the part of the authorities to outlaw the party...

Kozulin refuses to examine court proceeding minutes

Convicted politician Aleksandr Kozulin has refused to examine the minutes of the court proceedings against him...