Up to 3,000 opposition supporters march in Minsk on 21st anniversary of Chernobyl disaster

A crowd estimated by reporters at up to 3,000 people walked some two miles in a march staged by the opposition along central Minsk streets on April 26 on the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the...

Opposition politician Klimaw arrested on criminal charge in Minsk

Opposition politician Andrey Klimaw was arrested and brought to the Minsk City Prosecutor's Office on April 3...

Some 5,000 rally in central Minsk to mark anniversary of Belarusian National Republic

An estimated crowd of 5,000 gathered in front of the headquarters of the National Academy of Sciences on Minsk's...

Belarusian soccer internationals at center of drinking binge scandal

Two members of the Belarusian national soccer squad are at the center of a scandal after a drinking binge aboard a Vilnius-bound train.

Milinkevich set to participate in March 25 demonstration despite Tuesday\'s arrests

Alyaksandr Milinkevich is set to go ahead with his plans to participate in an opposition demonstration on March 25, the anniversary of the short-lived 1918 Belarusian National Republic (BNR), despite Tuesday's arrests of prominent opposition politicians, Vyachaslaw Siwchyk

Organizing committee adopts plan of opposition's March 25 demonstration

The "Dzen Voli" (Freedom Day) demonstration is to include a rally featuring a theatrical show, songs, and speeches...

Work on sole entrepreneur reregistration rules to be completed soon, official says

Work on a draft presidential edict that would outline rules for sole entrepreneurs willing to reregister their business as a micro enterprise is to be completed soon, Alyaksandr Kalinowski, head of the Minsk City Executive Committee's private business department, said in a

Police continue probing vandal attack on Clinton Bench in Kurapaty

The Minsk district police department continues investigating the most recent vandal attack on Clinton Bench, a granite monument in the Kurapaty Stalin-era massacre site just outside Minsk, despite deciding against instituting criminal proceedings over the incident in mid-F

Small business owners to petition Lukashenka to meet with their leaders

Participants at a rally that small business owners held in a park in Minsk on March 12, approved the proposal to petition Alyaksandr Lukashenka for a meeting with their leaders...

Prices in Minsk's used housing market reported up 12.9 percent in February

The average price of apartments in Minsk rose by $174 to $1,519 per square meter, with the highest rise occurring in the prices...

Russian, Azerbaijani politicians accept invitation to attend March 25 demonstration in Minsk

The leaders of Russia's Union of Right Forces and Azerbaijan's Musavat party have accepted Alyaksandr Milinkevich's invitation to attend a March 25 opposition demonstration in Minsk.

Authorities ban demonstration organized by ex-lawmaker Skrabets

Syarhey Skrabets, a member of the House of Representatives between 2000 and 2004, has had his application for permission to stage a demonstration in solidarity with those "wrongly convicted" turned down by the Minsk city authorities.

Belarus, United Arab Emirates sign agreements on air service, military-technical cooperation

Five bilateral documents were signed in Abu Dhabi on March 5 as a result of Alyaksandr Lukashenka's visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Commemorative rally held at Holocaust memorial in Minsk

  Around 100 people on Friday gathered at the Yama Holocaust memorial in Minsk to commemorate 5,000 prisoners of the Minsk ghetto who were killed by Nazis at the site on March 2, 1942.

Minsk expects dispute on Kaliningrad shipments to be resolved soon

Belarusian Prime Minister Syarhey Sidorsky said that Minsk expected a Belarusian-Russian dispute over carriage of goods traveling from the Kaliningrad exclave to mainland Russia to be settled soon.

Minsk drafts energy cooperation memorandum with Kyiv

The Belarusian government has drafted a Belarusian-Ukrainian memorandum on intention to cooperate in the energy sphere.

Tarantino's classic Pulp Fiction dubbed into Belarusian

A group of prominent Belarusian rockers, journalists and actors have dubbed Quentin Tarantino's 1994 cult film Pulp Fiction into the Belarusian language...

Ethiopian official delegation to visit Minsk this spring

  An official delegation of Ethiopia is scheduled to visit Minsk this spring to discuss ways of increasing cooperation between the two countries in the tractor-building sphere, said the press office of the Belarusian embassy in Moscow.

Upper chamber's chairman meets with Sudan's parliamentary speaker

The parliamentary speaker noted that Sudan would attach great importance to a possible visit by the Belarusian leader...

Pro-democratic youths deliver Valentine's Day greetings to embassies of France, Germany, USA

Pro-democratic youths delivered a Valentine's Day message of love for European values to the Minsk-based diplomatic missions of France, Germany and the United States on Wednesday evening...

Minsk expected to borrow up to $1 billion abroad this year

The Belarusian government plans to borrow up to $1 billion abroad this year to cushion the effects of a sharp hike in the price...

Minsk Tractor Works reports 19.8-percent year-on-year increase in output in January

The Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ) manufactured nearly 172 billion rubels worth of industrial products in the first month of 2007, which was a 19.8-percent year-on-year increase, the MTZ economic planning department told

Minsk developing new energy security concept

The Belarusian government is developing a new energy security concept, Mikhail Myasnikovich, chairman of the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences who also heads an interagency commission in charge of the concept, told reporters in Minsk on Monday, told

Opposition leaders intend to invite Lukashenka to March 25 demonstration

The demonstration will be timed to coincide with the so-called Freedom Day that the opposition observes every year on the founding...

Dozens opposition youths detained in Minsk

Roughly 30 members of the unregistered Malady Front youth opposition group were detained by police and KGB officers in Minsk on Sunday.