Lukašenka stresses that he will never agree to incorporation

Aliaksandr Lukasenka said Friday that he would never agree to the incorporation of Belarus into Russia.

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The Russian leadership hints that Belarus should agree to incorporation in exchange for equal oil and gas prices, but people in both Belarus and Russia will never want to embark on this path, the Belarusian leader said, speaking to a gathering of employees at a Chinese-built bleached sulfite pulp plant in Svietlahorsk, Homieĺ region.

“You should remember that your first president, whom you once elected, will never become your last president,” Mr. Lukašenka said. “Even after I am no more the president but still alive, I will always struggle for our Belarus on this small piece of land to remain sovereign and independent.”

“They view integration as the absorption of Belarus, but this is not integration, this is incorporation. I’ll never agree to this!” Mr. Lukašenka stressed.

According to him, Belarus will continue to discuss economic integration issues with Russia. “There is nothing bad in this,” he said.

However, the sides have agreed not to discuss the establishment of supranational bodies, he noted.