Lukashenka: Russia should decide on border guards’ presence at Belarusian border

Alyaksandr Lukashenka said on Friday that Russia should decide on its border guards’ presence at the Belarusian-Russian border.

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“We should not become like Russians,” Mr. Lukashenka said while visiting the Dzivin border checkpoint in the Kobryn district, Brest region. “They do not understand what they want and what they are doing at the Belarusian-Russian border. Let them decide. Once they have made a decision, it will not be a problem for us to respond. We are ready to respond accordingly any time. If they want to close the border, let them do so. If they close the border, we should introduce border controls too.”

According to Mr. Lukashenka, borders are a thing of the past. “They are of little benefit for communication between people, especially between Russians and Belarusians,” he said. “But this is their right to decide what to do.”

“We should not hurry,” he said. “We should see what they want.”

According to Mr. Lukashenka, border issues will be under discussion at a meeting of the Supreme State Council of the Belarusian-Russian Union State in June.

“We should reach a clear agreement on relations between our border guards,” he stressed.